10 Essential Strategies To Increase Your Amazon Sales Using Amazon PPC.

Looking to get the most return out of every dollar spent on Amazon PPC?  We've managed millions of dollars in Amazon ad spend and have broken down the essential steps that are needed to significantly improve Amazon ad performance.

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What’s Revealed On This Video?


Strategy 1: Understanding your TRUE ACoS and how to calculate it.


Strategy 2: How to leverage the power of AUTO campaigns.


Strategy 3: How to use your Search Term Report to find gold.


Strategy 4: How to target your category, profitably!


Strategy 5: Targeting your competitors with product targeting.


Strategy 6: Running Sponsored Brand Ads that work!


Strategy 7: Should I target my own brand name?


Strategy 8: How to align your sponsored brand ads for maximum conversion. 


Strategy 9: How to save more money on wasted ad spend.


Strategy 10: Improving your conversion rate for maximum ad spend efficiency.

Who and What is PPC Entourage?

PPC Entourage has become one of the most trusted providers for Amazon seller tools and resources. Thousands of Amazon sellers utilize PPC Entourage products, services, and resources daily to help them grow their businesses.


Mike Zagare, Founder

PPC Entourage was started by an Amazon Seller like yourself, Mike Zagare.

With years of in-the-trenches experience selling on Amazon, Mike realized there was a need for simplifying the process of creating and improving successful Amazon PPC campaigns. This is why PPC Entourage was born.

PPC Entourage consists of multiple successful & passionate Amazon sellers that came together to create the tools and resources that they wish existed when they first started out. With access to these resources, new and even seasoned Amazon sellers can now drastically shorten the path to Amazon success.

“Amount of money this process has saved our company has been insane”

The Entourage PPC blueprint is the ultimate handbook for dominating Amazon Ads. Every week, I open up two tabs on my browser - the blueprint and the PPC Entourage tool. I go through step-by-step everything that is outlined in the blueprint to optimize our campaigns. We spend 30,000-50,000 a month on amazon ads, and the amount of money this process has saved our company has been insane. I can't even think about how much money we were throwing away on wasted ad spend before this existed. Our average account Acos is now in the 25% range and it has been a huge blessing. Highly recommended and I appreciate everything your team does!


Nolan Jacoby