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Amazon Ads & The Customer Buying Cycle.

In this in-depth webinar, I will help you to understand the Customer Buying Cycle and why it is crucial to develop an advertising strategy relevant to its various stages.

Ready To Engage With Shoppers At Every Stage of the Customer Buying Cycle?


Entourage Management Services understands that your brand is multifaceted. We use a holistic approach that carefully evaluates the overall health and potential of your account, in order to develop an effective, results-driven strategy designed to grow your business.


About The Holistic Approach - Our team of specialists is here to help you succeed in all areas of your advertising. Our on-staff team includes:

  • Front End Listing Specialist
  • Product Targeting Specialist
  • Sponsored Brands Specialist
  • Sponsored Display Specialist
  • Product Launch Specialists
  • Back End Listing & Conversion Testing Specialist

All Forms of Amazon Advertising - In order to engage with customers at various stages of the Customer Buying Cycle, you'll need every possible advertising opportunity to be available in your arsenal. Entourage Management Services provides exactly that:

  • Sponsored Products
  • Sponsored Brands
  • Sponsored Brand Video
  • Sponsored Display
  • DSP
  • Product & Category Targeting

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I used to struggle with handling our PPC campaigns and staying on top of them. I just never felt I had the time to devote to it that I felt I needed. Since PPC Entourage has taken over, our ACOS has come down to a profitable number, our sales have climbed and our BSRs have improved dramatically. I couldn’t be happier with this service.

John Fenton, Perfect and Simple Solutions