Know EXACTLY Where Your Amazon Business is Bleeding Money

Identify, track and fix the precise ‘Margin Eaters’ that are chipping away at your Amazon profits.

Are Your Profit Margins Shrinking and You’re Not Sure Why?

If you suspect (even a little) that hundreds, or maybe thousands of dollars are slipping through your fingers because you don't have a way to monitor the expenses tied to each of your products...

Then you need Entourage Margins — the software explicitly designed to identify where every penny that is being drained from your profit margins is located on a SKU-by-SKU basis by focusing on and fixing the following ‘margin eaters’:

Margin Eater #1

FBA Fees

Being such a vast and automated system, Amazon makes tons of mistakes that causes sellers to overpay in FBA fees by up to 100%.

Entourage Margins will help you:

  • See your true FBA Fee Margin Impact and see if it is within the target 25%-40% (range)
  • See which products have the highest FBA fees, including which variations may have incorrect fees that are higher than their counterparts
  • Generate a report for you, which can be submitted to Amazon with your request to remeasure your products to stop overcharges and get a refund for overpaid FBA fees
Margin Eater #2

PPC Ad Spend

Amazon PPC advertising can get out of control. Keeping ad spend margin impact between 6%-11% is essential; otherwise, it may have an overall negative impact on margins.

Entourage Margins will help you:

  • See the overall margin impact of your combined Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands ad spend and make sure they are 6% - 11%
  • Quickly see which products you may be overspending on
  • See your ratio of PPC sales to organic sales on a product level
Margin Eater #3


Refunds significantly impact sellers because they lose the full sale, lose the product and still have to pay the FBA fees.

Entourage Margins will help you:

  • Get a high-level view of the impact Returns are having on your margins and see if you're in the target 2%-5% margin impact (range)
  • See which products have the highest return rates
  • See individual returns and reasons for returns per product
Margin Eater #4

Promo Fees

Coupons and promos are a great way to boost sales, but it can be easy to lose sight of how your profitability is affected. Sometimes it’s just not worth it, but sellers can be in the dark if not shown the true impact of promotions.

Entourage Margins will help you:

  • See the overall impact of your Promo Fees on your profit margins (the target is 1%-5%)
  • Show you which products have the highest percent of impact from promo fees
  • Show you where those promo fees are occurring (coupons, Lightning Deals, etc.)
Margin Eater #5

Storage Fees

Amazon storage fees change based on the length of time your product remains in their warehouse. Knowing how storage fees affect your margins and keeping track of changes can help you make better decisions about storage.

Entourage Margins will help you:

  • Easily see which products are costing you the most in storage fees
  • Quickly access your long term storage fees and inventory placement fees
  • Help you make the correct long term storage decisions if needed

Know How Profitable Your Amazon Business Truly is By Understanding Your Costs on a SKU-by-SKU Basis

See the net margins on your parent products and its variations so you know which SKUs are doing better than others and why.

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Amazon keeps more when you don't know the REAL Costs of doing business with them.

Amazon sellers are losing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars over time, because of incorrect charges made by Amazon to their accounts, missed opportunities to collect valid refunds, and other 'fly under the radar' pesky ‘Margin Eaters’ that they are unaware of that negatively impact their businesses' bottom lines.


It's up to you to be vigilant and cognizant about all the margins in your Amazon business.

Unfortunately, a lot of Amazon sellers have no true knowledge of the number of fees draining the profits from their businesses. Entourage Margins is the first tool of its kind to show you all of the fees that you may not be aware of and how it impacts your overall margins on a SKU-by-SKU level.

If you're tired of Amazon reaching into your pockets for a little something extra over-and-over-again, let Entourage Margins safeguard your business with its groundbreaking suite of discovery tools.

How Entourage Margins Helps

Entourage Margins will break down all possible expenses and costs that eat into the profit margin of each of your products.


Entourage Margins will instantly highlight the biggest areas of impact on your profit margins and provide you with suggested action items to improve profitability.


Entourage Margins will also provide you with customizable alerts, intuitive charts and graphs to help you gain a comprehensive understanding of every dollar of your profit margins.


Entourage Margins will find Amazon mistakes including overcharges in FBA fees that could total tens of thousands of dollars.


“This freak’n software is out of this world!”

Last month, I was sitting with my son, who works in the finance district in NYC, to go over my quickbooks account and try and figure out where my money was.

We were perplexed by the lack of cash flow.

The next day, I got the email to be a beta tester for PPC Margins, which I jumped on because it seemed as if you were reading my mind!

When I had the chance to go over the software a bit and then jump on a webinar to see even more, I was BLOWN AWAY.

This software is worth its weight in gold, in my opinion! I was able to see just where my PPC ad spend was going and also was able to see which products I should just stop putting any effort into with the "chopping block" feature (some of them I had already figured out were duds, but some I did not and the software really told me they ARE).

I also am amazed at the products with low margins that I thought were high - and it seems returns are an issue, which I had never even considered before.

Thank you so much for letting me join this beta group! You can bet I will be purchasing the software as soon as it's available.

Kathi Kirschner

Entourage Margins Member