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  • Holistic Done-for-You Amazon PPC Management (including ongoing traffic & conversion optimization)
  • Customized, Responsive Strategies Developed for Your Unique Objectives

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Free Up Your Time So You Can Grow Other Parts of Your Business

Our Holistic Approach - A Dedicated Team of 8 AMZ Specialists Working on Your Behalf

Take Advantage of the Latest Strategies Before Your Competition Does

We optimize your bids & budgets to achieve the highest profitability

Discover The EMS Holistic Management Approach

Entourage Management Services understands that your brand is multifaceted. We use a holistic viewpoint that carefully evaluates the overall health and potential of your account, in order to develop an effective, results-driven strategy designed to grow your business.

Advertising Management that Considers Your Entire Business
Advertising Traffic
  • Audit & Optimization of Existing PPC Campaigns
    • As an EMS client, we will perform an in-depth analysis of your existing advertising to determine what's working, areas for improvement and eliminate wasteful ad spend. Next, your account manager will create new campaigns that address those identified weaknesses, in order to improve overall advertising results.
  • Complete Amazon Advertising Strategy Development
  • Sponsored Products Management
  • Sponsored Brand Management for massive exposure
  • Sponsored Display for Retargeting On & Off Amazon
  • Product Targeting For a Competitive Edge
  • Mobile Video Ads
  • PPC Product Launches
  • Ongoing Campaign Optimization & Expansion
  • Ongoing Keyword/Search Term Research & Expansion
Conversion (Listing)
  • Initial & Ongoing Listing Audits
    • As a standard part of onboarding, we will begin the systematic review of your listings to look for red flags and fast ways to improve CTR and Conversion Rate.
  • Ongoing Split Testing for Conversion Rate Improvements
  • Copy Editing & Rewriting Assistance
  • Backend Listing Checks & Backend Keyword Adjustments
  • Full Business Margins Monitoring.
    • EMS members are entitled to a private, personal call every 6 months with Entourage founder and Amazon expert, Mike Zagare.
Risk Free Guarantee

If you're unhappy with your services, your investment is safe with Entourage. Our goal is to provide true value to fellow Amazon sellers. If you’re unhappy with your services, we will be happy to refund your last month with us without delay.

A Full Team Of Specialists At Your Fingertips
  • At EMS, You Don’t Just Get A Dedicated Account Manager, You Get The Cumulative Expertise Of Our Entire Team Of Specialists.
  • Specialists Include: Front End Listing Optimization, Back End Listing Optimization, Product Targeting, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, And Product Launches.
  • An All-access Pass To All Things Entourage.
    • EMS Clients Enjoy Free Software, Access To All Educational Materials And Webinar Trainings, And Private Coaching Calls. EMS members are entitled to a private, personal call every 6 months with Entourage founder and Amazon expert, Mike Zagare
  • Constant Innovation & Split Testing
    • Our Team Is Consistently Split Testing New Ideas And Is At The Forefront Of New Advertising Strategies, Which Means Our Clients Get Cutting Edge Ideas And New Conversion Opportunities.
  • Weekly Check-ins And Monthly Meetings To Ensure We’re Reaching Your Goals.

“I couldn't be happier with this service”

“I used to struggle with handling our PPC campaigns and staying on top of them. I just never felt I had the time to devote to it that I felt I needed. Since PPC Entourage has taken over, our ACOS has come down to a profitable number, our sales have climbed and our BSRs have improved dramatically. I couldn’t be happier with this service.”

John Fenton

Perfect and Simple Solutions

Your Ad Campaigns are Leaking Money. Entourage Management Services Will Fix This.

See a couple of examples of how our results-driven, proven strategies deliver higher profits for our clients.

Happy Client A


Ad Spend: $1,520.18
Orders: 399
ACoS: 12.6%
Gross Revenue: $12,109.22


Ad Spend: $5,068.96
Orders: 139% 954
ACoS: 18.5%
Gross Revenue: 126.8% $27,467.92

Happy Client B


Ad Spend: $2,396.82
Orders: 588
ACoS: 17.8%
Gross Revenue: $13,485.99


Ad Spend: $3,831.20
Orders: 54.3% 907
ACoS: 19.3%
Gross Revenue: 47% $19,824.14

Apply For Entourage Management Services

We need the contact information you provide to contact you back. We completely respect your privacy.

What You Can Expect From Entourage Management Services

Effective Amazon advertising management involves careful, painstaking work because every niche and product is unique in its own way and requires a custom tailored approach.

  • A customized strategy to be developed for you by your account manager.
  • An individualized timeline for demonstrated results for realistic improvement expectations.
  • A detailed progress report each month that identifies key performance metrics and gives you an easily understandable rundown of how your account is doing.
  • While we’re the PPC experts, you’re the expert in your product/niche so you can expect active collaboration in areas beyond the scope of management procedures for maximal results.

Timeline Expectations

1 - 4 Weeks

We analyze your existing listing(s) and campaign(s) and fill in advertising gaps with the appropriate campaigns and ad groups (there may be initial spikes and dips in your numbers in any research period).

Initial listing and backend audits performed.

4 - 8 Weeks

We carefully monitor adjustments made to address any initial problems, scale best performing areas while optimizing bids, budgets, and keywords.

Ongoing listing optimization and conversion testing.

8-12 Weeks & On

This marks the completion of the research phase. We continue tweaking strategies to ensure the best ROI (adaptation to market trends) and apply further stabilization (month-to-month growth numbers identified).

Ongoing listing optimization and conversion testing continues.

Ongoing Communication

When you join Entourage Management Services, we will provide you with an experienced Account Manager who will be your direct point of contact with us. Your Account Manager will work with you to clarify your unique goals, and will develop a strategy to reach your objectives.

All of our Account Managers are trained ​the Entourage way ​ …

  • they work for us (not an outsourced agency)
  • are well-versed in all Blueprint Series concepts
  • have current Amazon accreditation
  • attend weekly team meetings and get ongoing education.

Your Account Manager will have the same dedication to the quality of service you’ve come to expect from PPC Entourage.

Your Account Manager will check in with you at a minimum of once per week, and you’ll also get monthly calls with them to discuss progress, adjust goals and budgets, etc. EMS clients are also entitled to exclusive 30 minute Strategy Sessions with Mike Zagare (2 per year).

Simple Pricing

$750/mo + 4.5% of Ad Spend. No long term contracts.

Monthly Ad Spend


You’ve selected

Done-For-You Amazon PPC Management

Less than $5k/mo Ad Spend

$750 /mo
  • No Long-term Contracts
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Risk Free Guarantee
  • Audits of Your Current PPC Campaigns
  • Listing Audit & Recommendation
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Keyword Research & Expansion
  • Search Term Expansion

You’ve selected

Done-For-You Amazon PPC Management

Less than $5k/mo Ad Spend

$750 /mo
  • No Long-term Contracts
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Risk Free Guarantee