Simple Weekly Wins with PPC Entourage.

This series is designed to give you quick and easy wins that you can achieve each week in order to lower ACoS and grow sales.

In this introductory video, Mike welcomes you to the system and gives you an overview of how to use this page, and the videos herein, to quickly begin leveraging the power of Entourage.




Weekly Wins Checklist


Win 1: Added My Cost of Goods into the Entourage System.


Win 2: Added my ACoS Target Zones into the Entourage System.


Win 3: Watched Weekly Wins Video 1 and Made 1 Optimization.


Win 4: Watched Weekly Wins Video 2 and Found a New Keyword Opportunity.


Win 5: Watched Weekly Wins Video 3 and Determined My Break Even Cost for my Best Product.

Weekly Win Videos

Weekly Win Video 1 🎉

This weekly win is all about Expansion. First, we'll explore Search Term Expansion, which will help you to leverage Entourage to find the golden nuggets hidden in your Search Term Report. Then, I'll walk you through how to do the exact same thing to find the best possible ASINs to target for Product Targeting.

Weekly Win Video 2 🎉

For this weekly win, I'll walk you through some of the capabilities of Entourage that I personally use on a regular basis. This includes your Organic to PPC Revenue ratio, my favorite features in the Your Products section, and Auto Pilot.

Weekly Win Video 3 🎉

For this weekly win, I'll show you how to use Bulk Optimization to find your most expensive keywords, your targets that aren't getting impressions, your highest ACoS targets, and more. These are super simple actions you can take, but they can make a major impact in your profitability.

Thank you so much for joining the Entourage family! If you follow this series, you'll score some major wins for your brand. I've put together some additional, supplementary content for you below in the Quick Videos section. If there's any other way my team and I can help you to succeed, please let us know.

Mike Zagare, Founder of PPC Entourage

Quick Learning Videos